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Mythology of Errors

Founded on Mt. 'lympus

This RPG does not exist. It is a myth.
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This community is a roll-playing game for Greek mythology. Since ladyshrew obviously cannot type, it is a permanently typo-ridden community. Please check this post for taken characters and then contact either ladyshrew or chipmunkkc with the character you would like if you wish to join.

Some general guidelines:

1) Posts for your character can be made in your character's LJ, obviously. However, for the sake of everyone being able to follow easily, if you have a post that has anything to do with anyone else, go ahead and post it from your character's LJ into the main community (here). You do it the same way you post in any other community, except you have to be logged in as your character.

2) The usual, don't post for another character that isn't yours. Exceptions include if you have permission from the person who plays that character or if that character has no player. However, please keep in mind that that character should still be acting within their established classical limits. That means Cronus can't just suddenly appear and crush all the godlings down. By that same token, as long as you don't have a completely virginal character, establishing new relationships that were never included in the original mythology wouldn't be horrendous. Just try to be sure it doesn't completely violate some known fact about the characters involved.

3) Posting at least once a week for each character would be greatly desired. However, I'm not of the mind to sit there calculating each time you've posted, so it's really just a suggestion and preference. If you're going to be away for a while or unable to post, it would really rock my socks if you'd let us know via this community.